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Crocodile Oil Extract

  1. It helps healing and repairing damaged skin cell.
  2. It helps healing up skin cell more quickly.
  3. It helps reducing inflammatory, infection, bacteria and dirtiness
  4. It helps skin be moist.
  5. It helps reducing wrinkle, blemish and scare caused by being destroyed.
  6. It helps skin structure be healthier and not to be sagging.
  7. It helps skin be white and be radiance.
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Swiftlet Nest Extract

Saliva of a swiftlet is popular and has been used by most of Chinese people. It help their skin be rehabilitated and makes their skin be more radiant and be younger.

  1. It is a substance that helps skin cells absorb other substances fully.
  2. It helps skin be moist, be radiant and be bright.
  3. It is an initial substance for building skin cells.
  4. It helps slowing down deterioration and wrinkles, increasing cleavage and restoring skin cells.
  5. It helps reducing scar and healing skin up. So, skin will be smooth and be strong. By using this, your skin will be young, be radiant and be healthy.
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Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide

Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide helps reducing Melanin Granules transference into horny layer skin. It is a substance that can make skin be white safely because it does restrain Melanin Granules production. So, Melanin Granules are still be perfect. Our skin still be protected from UV existing in nature.
The special qualification of Vitamin B3 is helping circulation be stimulated. Consequently, skin will be pink and be radiance naturally.

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Portulaca Olercea Extract

It helps reducing wrinkle. It helps muscles be relax, be protected from irritation and be moist well. It also helps reducing inflammatory.
It is an extract gotten from natural plant which has a substance that help reducing irritation and protecting Melanin Granules stimulation.

Cinnamon Extract

It helps skin be moist, nourishing dry skin, resisting oxidant and reducing wrinkle well. Besides, it help relieving inflammatory and intumesce of skin.

  • Cinnamon consists of MHCP (MethylHydroxychalone Polymer) which helps Insulin in cells be more effective.
  • Cinnamon also consists of high effective antioxidant.
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Vacinium augustifolium (blueberry) fruit extract

It is an extract from berry fruits. It consists of antioxidant. So, skin will be white, be bright and be healthy. It also helps reducing wrinkle well.

Skin fruits

Vaccinium macrocarpon cranberry fruit extract

Cranberry fruit is useful for skin. It has high effective antioxidant. It helps protecting skin from pollutions causing skin be dark, be damaged and has wrinkle. It also helps reducing irritation and inflammatory, increasing skin resiliency, nourishing skin to be soft, be moist and be radiant naturally.