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White Login Skin Booster [1 Box]

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White Login Skin Booster [1 Box]


consisting of “Dconcept horse placenta”, a secret for beauty.

Crocodile Oil

A secret of “Gleopatra Queen of Egypt” is to use Crocodile Oil to apply and cleanse to moisturize dry, itching, and allergic skin, also nourish and brighten skin. lt contains properties of treating a fungal skin infection and acnes, as well as curing burns and sunburned skin.

Properties of Crocodile Oil

  • Crocodile oil is rich of omaga 3 and 9, moisturizing skin.
  • Crocodile Oil can heal burns, scabs, sunburned skin, dry and itching skin, and cracked heels.
  • Crocodile Oil can inhibit bacteria.
  • Crocodile Oil can buiH new skin cells.
  • Crocodile Oil can reduce inflammation.


Did You Know?

Horse placenta contains, besides pure horse placenta, ingredients of 30 types of flowers, fruits, and plants with plenty of benefits for skin. lt can keep nourishing skin care applied to skin previously. This booster will enhance nourishment effectively with extracts from white flowers such as Chamomilla Recutita Flower extracted as white cream transporting Active ingredients, essential skin nutrient, into skin genfly (transdermal) for the
best result of skin treatment and rehabilitation to strengthen and brighten your skin perfectly.

How to Use?

It is very easy using in evenings or nighttimes after cleansing your face. Apply routine skin care, and then apply this booster as the last step.Cleanse your face as usual in mornings.


  • Use this booster 3 times/week
  • Boost your facial skin and please remember to boost your neck skin as well.

More trick

For maximum effectiveness, using twice per bag is recommended. lt would be proper and perfect.


The Best for Skin Beauty….Valuable Tip for Skin

With the advance innovation pulling out benefits from our horse ptacenta which contains about 9,000 types of Growth Factors and benefits from various kinds of plants for sustainable skin beauty.

  • Brighten skin, reduce freckles, blemishes, and cars spots, and remove skin darkening.
  • Rehabilitate and repair damaged skin, and boost skin cell production for fair and glow skin.
  • Firm skin, reduce wrinkres for smooth skin, retard age-related skin degeneration, and make skin fair and young-looking like girlhood.
  • Strengthen allergic and sensitive skin visibly.
  • Alleviate inflammation and redness on the face.
  • Hydrate and moisturize skin with molecule from horse placenta.
  • Skin is flexible and not dryness.
  • Heal skin and reduce scars and pimple holes.
  • Inhibit causes of acnbs and pimples.
  • stop unstable molecules, balance skin cells, and retard skin degeneration for balance, strong skin and prevent premature aging.


The Benefits of Horse placenta


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